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Sioux Falls Stop

ETA Racing invaded Sioux Falls this past weekend for the Amsoil Snocross National. Track was very technical and we battelled all weekend long. Ethan went 1/5 in qualifying Friday (1st heat race win in some time), qualifying in the front row for the final. Unfortunately, a broken a arm limited us and Ethan was able to grab a 10th place finish in the final. Saturday started out heat one with a near catastrophe. While hitting the big triple Ethan landed on another rider, luckily for him he got out of the way just in time and Ethan landed on his sled and cart wheeled off. He was pretty bruised and sore; visited the FXR Medical trailer and got the all clear to continue. Had to work our way through the LCQ and managed a 9th overall. All in all not a bad weekend, two top ten finishes and we know we had some bad luck.

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