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Season Finale

2021 snocross season is a wrap! This past weekend was indicative of our entire season, a grind. Ethan battelled through some mechanical issues, jumping a start, a black flag (later over turned by our protest) and an off. He was able to get into the LCQ’s both days and won both LCQ’s for a back row spot in the finale. Both days he was able to manage a top 10 finish; pretty good feat from the back row. Ethan took home a 7th place overall finish for the season - not too shabby considering we missed out on three finals this year.

All in all we had blast, learned a ton, avoided injury and most importantly had fun. Ethan is looking forward to getting on his quad this summer and tearing up some District 23 tracks.

Thank you all for your continued support and stay tuned for further updates!

Thanks again - ETA Racing

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